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Pre-Trip Inspection Form

Heil Trailer International, Co. has done everything possible to insure that this unit is ready for operation. However, it is the end users (owners) responsibility to go through this Inspection Report prior to the unit going in to service.

Caution: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide proper brake balance between the tractor and trailer to insure optimum brake performance.

Notice: For items not listed above, a thorough walk around of the trailer(s) is required, visually checking the brakes, springs, running and landing gear, piping, walkways, anti-skid surfaces, safety decals, ladders, and lights to insure they are in good working condition, Refer to the maintenance section in your manual for specific maintenance requirements and intervals.

Important: To insure prompt settlement of any claim, it is the responsibility of the Dealer to execute the inspections listed in this form and to return this form immediately to: