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Trailer Modification Approval Form

Any changes or modifications of any kind or type that would change the certification or void any testing performed for certification or validation of a trailer under warranty must be approved. Any changes or modifications to the barrel, piping, venting, suspension, or the front and rear frames must be approved. Approval must be granted by the Director of Customer Service or in his absence a Customer Service Technical Service Manager. Generally, the addition of equipment such as cabinets, lights, and other components that can be mounted by drilling holes and bolting can be done without contacting Customer Service. Failure to inform Customer Service of modifications requiring approval can result in cancellation of trailer warranty. It is to be further understood that the acceptance of such modifications by Heil Trailer shall not be construed as an undertaking of any liability or responsibility for any design or performance deficiencies or for any subsequent damage to the trailer, any other property damage, injuries or deaths arising out of such modifications. Heil Trailer’s acceptance of any modification shall only relate to the issue of whether or not the trailer’s warranty remains in effect or is void. In this connection, any modification shall be the sole responsibility of the party responsible for requesting and/or making any modification.